mexico city

“beeeeeppp!!!” that’s what you hear when you hit this town. Coming from such amazing road adventures on the pacific coast, this one was a culture shock to the system. Mexico city was the last stop for us before leaving the country. We caught an overnight bus from Guadalajara, splurged for a chariot with tv and reclining seats which was pretty amazing. What was even more incredible was that we were given a care package on our way onto the bus- a drink, pack of doritos (a staple for me when on long bus trips), ear phones and some chocolate biscuits- winning! I couldn’t have been more stoked starting that trip. 

The bus took around 7 hours and we got in to mexico city at 730 in the morning. Tried getting a subway but couldn’t honestly fit on them with all our bags. I’ve never seen anything like the subway trains in this city. People are jammed in like sardines- to the point where I actually got a little bit claustrophobic. and they don’t come often (I have memories of London where it’s just one train after the other, especially in peak hour traffic). Here they sit on the platform with their doors open and people jammed for up to 5 minutes before moving- it’s insane. We ended up cutting our losses and the 5 pesos we’d paid for the train and catching a taxi. 

The city itself had a pretty cosmopolitan vibe, although there were still taco stands and food vans everywhere, which meant you could eat lunch and dinner for $2 each time if you really wanted (10 pesos=$1, 1 taco= 10 pesos). Tacos are either pork, chicken, meat or vegetable and you can choose whether you want potatoes or onion added. They come on soft taco bread and you then go to the front of the van and add whatever else you want- tomato and onion salsa, green or red hot chili sauce (don’t mistake the green for guacamole- it isn’t!) and various other things.  Amazing! I’m all tacoed out now though.

We went to a suburb called roma norte, which had some of the best shops I’d ever been too- they also did amazing coffee there and still had the street food vans going alongside fresh food cafes and pastilerias. I also stopped in at a random little exhibition, displaying objects that had represented our society’s perception of beauty throughout time. It was random, but pretty interesting and definitely made me think.

There is a lot to see and do here, but if you’re like me in thinking you’d just like to chill for a bit longer, this city isn’t the place to do it. Come here with energy, motivation and some money in your back pocket for all those amazing shops!