tulum- walk to the beach from your room in 1 minute- yessss

hola! so after cozumel and playa del carmen, shell, mike and i went to a place called tulum. tulum was pretty special. it was so nice to chill out and stay in a place where you can walk out of the front door of your room and straight into the ocean. we went to a mayan ruin and a few cenotes (big freshwater pools- some you can scuba dive in, others are a lot smaller). the first cenote we went to had a reasonably high dive platform. mike and shell went up to jump off together and i stayed below, chatting to a girl we'd just met. 

 looking up through the trees whilst sitting in a hammock at the cenote

looking up through the trees whilst sitting in a hammock at the cenote

ok, so i'm chatting to my new mate, when all of a sudden she busts out with-

"hey, did your friends just get engaged?" i answered matter of factly that nah, they've been together for ages and they will at some point, but not just yet i didn't think.

she answered that one with-

"well, i'm pretty sure i just saw the guy down on one knee..."

to which i responded by yelling up at shell-

"no shit shell, did you just get engaged?!!"

she held up her left hand in somewhat shock and i began swearing again in excitement. yeeeooowwww!!! mike had a massive smile on his face (as you would when you've hooked such a legend) and they then jumped off the platform into the water, holding hands. i stood still in shock on the sidelines and i think my new mate thought i was an idiot. good times. 

 shell and mike- engaged

shell and mike- engaged

celebrated that night with 2 for 1 cocktails, which turned into beers, which then turned into more cocktails, which then went straight to tequila. good times and we were all a little hungover but happy the next day. so stoked for these guys, couldn't imagine two better people getting it together for life :)