cozumel- mexico

Epic day. I've met up with my mate shell from home and her fella mike- legends! We're hit it up in playa del carmen and have spent a really nice 2 days exploring the town and being at the beach. Today topped it though. We caught a ferry to an island off playa del carmen called Cozumel. This place was bigger than I expected and had some great beaches and snorkelling spots. When we got off the ferry there were the usual tourism vendors with bikes/tours/cars to rent. We got talking to a guy and he made us a good deal on a bright red jeep wrangler, so we decided to hire the car for the day. 

I've been in a few countries when I've been involved in hiring a car, but none of them were like this. We walked from the ferry terminal about 10 minutes to a back street where we met our ride. Rather than going to an office to do the paper work like Id done in the past, our mate just pulled out a pink slip and started filling out the form. 

"Insurance?" We said

"No problem" he said. "Including collision?"

"Si gracias" we say.

"Ok" he says. He then proceeds to write on the pink slip the word in capital letters "COLLISION" and points to it, proudly saying "see, collision". 

Well alright then, we thought. License numbers were taken. Soft top pulled down. Keys in the ignition, reminding myself it's the right side of the road to drive on, we set off. 

It was so great to have a car! Driving around the island, we snorkelled, seeing blue and green gropers, black and white striped fish and some beautiful coral. A lot of the stuff we saw off the beach wasn't full on reef though, but there was still some pretty marine life there. We had beers and saw an iguana. We sat on the beach and drank a cocktail. Then I got speared in the foot right at the end of the day by a sea urchin. Not how I would have picked the day to end, however I did walk up from getting speared straight into a bar where there was a margarita waiting, so I guess you could say there are silver linings everywhere :)

We ran to the last ferry for the day, meeting our mate for the car and yelling at him as we ran "gracias!!" He was happy and so were we! Made it to the ferry and another margarita. Great day! One of the best!