new york impressions in colour

If any of you have been following my instagram (cloud_stories) you’ll see some different pics on there to here- the images on here are more from my slr, not my iphone. At least the new york ones anyway. I’ve separated the following pictures into 2 categories- black+white and colour. New york was such a diverse city. I had experiences on the train where a group of guys would step into your carriage and start freestyle dancing to Michael Jackson, or I’d walk down the street past chicken places called things like ‘pluck u’; I’d have chats with random old dudes who were just hanging on the street corner and passing the time of day. I walked past a corner store one day and this man walking out of the shop said ‘hey there princess’ (That’s a first, by the way, however I was wearing a blue dress and had my hair in a high bun at the time). In some of the places andy recommended I go and wander, I would get asked on dates and chat to old women collecting bottles in their trollies. I’d drink amazing coffee and eat a bagel. A city of such diversity and experience, I fell in love with it. And with shooting it. That in itself was the most amazing experience, wandering along the streets with my camera, trying to figure out the best way to take someone’s picture. I’ll look forward to when I head back there. Everyday, I felt like wherever you went, new york was a different city.