the big monster stopover

not sure if you saw my posts, but starting thursday morning, 9am, and finishing friday evening at 10pm, i was in transit. from paraty, i caught the 6 hour bus trip to sao paulo. getting to the bus terminal late afternoon, i stashed my bags and headed into the huge monster that is sao paulo, brazil. there were 2 things i wanted to do in my time there. 


#1- go to the musea de arte de sao paulo. according to the lonely planet, this place has the best collection of western art in latin america. 

#2- eat, and i quote, 'the best pizza outside of napoli' at an italian restaurant close to the museum


neither was a disappointment. the museum was amazing. i sat in awe in front of van gogh, matisse, kandinsky, picasso, duchump, man ray- i could go on. it was incredible. i left that place with a buzz in my head and elation in my heart. it's an indescribable feeling to see the original of a piece of work you have spent hours studying, using as inspiration and generally never comprehending that you might actually see in the flesh. fucking incredible.

and as for the 'best pizza outside of napoli', down a back street off one of the main drags, i had the margherita and i can safely say, having had pizza in napoli, that lonely planet didn't lie- check out speranza if you are ever in sao paulo. 

so after all this, i headed back to the bus terminal, grabbed my bags, hopped on a bus to the airport (which had free wifi) and headed to the airport to sit on my bags for 8 hours before flying to quito. good adventure.

 salsa busking on the street outside the gallery

salsa busking on the street outside the gallery