the san blas islands- paradise on this earth

hooking up with boat the wildcard, i sailed a 5 day trip from cartagena, colombia to portobelo, panama. what a trip! despite not being able to swim (see: foot gash from some shit luck in cartagena involving the smashed off neck of a rum bottle) i had an amazing time. it was pretty hard not to.


for those of you who don't know, the san blas are a set of islands between cartagena and panama. they are home to the kuna indigenous people. up until 15 years ago, the local currency was in coconuts- money doesn't grow on trees except for in the san blas said my friend charlotte- i loved this observation. since tourism came into the area, they've switched to US dollars, although there's still a lot of coconuts getting around. 


we travelled for 36 hours on open water from cartagena before getting to the san blas. when we got there we were treated to islands with white sandy beaches, coconut trees and crystal blue water. beautiful. that first day was spent eating great food (at this point i could actually eat, having spent the open water trip getting my sea legs over the side of the boat) snorkelling, swimming, lying on the deck and chatting and laughing- good times. the next day followed much the same pattern, until the next when we set the sails and headed to panama immigration. excellent!

 traditional weaving, these are called 'molas', created by the islands' indigenous people.

traditional weaving, these are called 'molas', created by the islands' indigenous people.

i took this trip with 2 germans, 1 israeli, 9 britts, 2 aussies, 2 swiss and 1 american- good crew. our captain was john, helped out by mick and debs- legends that got us there safely and were good for a laugh along the way. 


the san blas islands were truly beautiful. honestly a place that goes to the top of the list.