kombi's, caprihainas and the town that never sleeps.

i loved rio. we stayed in a district called santa teresa- up the top of a massive hill, this burb is a hip, bohemian place with cobblestone streets, good shops, a few bars and a generally chilled atmosphere (well, as chilled as you can get for world cup in rio). down the bottom of the big hill was lapa- party town of rio. filled with street stalls at night selling everything from agua to caprihainas to various meats cooked over hot coals and put onto sticks for you to eat, lapa was pumping. bars spilled onto the streets, and quite often it was hard to know when the bar ended and the street party began. my favourite thing was the drumming though- street dancing with good beats, this place was an attack on the senses! a few random pics that have no home from around the place below.


kombi's. whilst they hold definite romantic appeal for us at home, in brazil they are a different story entirely. here you see white kombi's everywhere. they are used for multiple purposes- from carrying the mail, to being converted into a street food van, to a school bus for kids, to the carrying of construction materials and everything in between. the list goes on. below are a couple i managed to snap whilst in rio.