Bogota- the big smoke

so the big bus trip got me from ipiales to bogota. it took 22 hours and i got in to bogota at 3pm. mission. on the flip side, the bus was excellent- the seats almost went the whole way down and there was a tv on the back of every chair, complete with music, films and tv shows. we got stopped about 3 times by police, sometimes to check luggage, others to check passports etc. but it was a smooth run and felt really safe. stayed with an aussie mate of a mate who lives here- absolute legend. check out tommy's website if you're ever in bogota- he runs challenges around the city and is just a great guy for a chat. 

 "do not turn the other cheek"

"do not turn the other cheek"

bogota bike tours- as i only had a full day here in bogota, i did a bike tour- great way to see the city. i went with the company above and they were great- there was about 15 people on the tour and our guide was really informative- i learnt a lot about colombia which was good. we rode to a market and sampled amazing fruits (did you know here they have tomatoes mixed with mango), went through the red light district, visited a coffee factory where i had a really tasty flat white and saw some graffiti, all the while being told interesting facts about colombia's history and where the country is at today. i can leave bogota at least feeling like i've learnt something in this amazing city


so, something interesting for those of you travelling to colombia- flights internally here are cheap and the buses a lot more expensive than other places i've been so far- so check out a flight if you're travelling long distances because sometimes there's not much difference in the price, and it will take you about 1/20th of the time. also, airline companies often drop their prices late at night (around 10pm ish) so if you want a cheap flight, this is often your best bet on getting it.