heading home

flying emirates is the best. after being with cheap airline companies for so long now, getting on a plane where they give you hot towels and eye masks was the most amazing thing ever! i was so excited about it all that i talked the lady next to me's ear off for about 20 minutes- i think by the end of it she definitely appreciated my excitement :) coming back into perth with emirates, you fly over the indian ocean to get into perth airport. i'd never flown this way before and, given the option, would definitely do it again. here are a couple of pictures from the air. 

i am so grateful for the opportunity to have this adventure. it has been another amazing learning experience for me. i've met incredible people in the most unlikely of places, seen amazing storms and beautiful sunrises and learnt to trust my instincts on more than one occasion. i think that every journey you take is only as good as the crew you take it with- and that crew begins with yourself. you are your best company. once you figure that one out, your happiness and openness to meeting new people begins, and so, in turn, does the fun of the adventure! it's good to be home :)